How are graduate programmes structured?

Graduate programme positions are usually full time. There are different types of contracts, but the most commonly used is the fixed-term contract. The length of the contract varies depending on the company, but is usually somewhere between 12 and 24 months (in some cases up to 3 years). Expect to typically see roles advertised as being for 18 months.

Over this time you will spend certain, probably pre-defined, periods of time working on different projects in different departments. You will also commonly have time allotted to complete training programmes, working closely with senior staff and mentors, and you might have dedicated work assigned only to your position.

This will all depend on the role and your field of expertise, but will be laid out at the beginning of your time at the company.

Any schedule will of course be subject to change, often based on hitting certain targets over time.

How international are graduate programmes?

Graduate programmes at multi-national companies are extremely common. Many will have their official working language as English, wherever they are based.

In some cases you will be expected to travel a lot during your programme, or to spend some of the time period based in an office abroad.

Once the programme is over, you may well be offered a position that can be transferred to any one of the company’s overseas offices.

Where do I apply?

Graduateland is a good place to start.

There are thousands of open graduate programmes listed live on Graduateland throughout the year.

The recruitment process doesn’t necessarily differ from an ordinary job, though there may be more formal documentation requirements related to your studies. You should expect to take part in assessments and several rounds of interviews before a final decision is made.

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