What are the objectives of a pre-primary education?

Fostering cognitive development thru play and exploration of variety of materials for the centers set up in the classroom. Areas for center learning include, construction, pretend and learn, library, writing, ABC center, math manipulative, science, and music center. Circle area on the carpet for large group story, music and movement, simple games.

Developing social skills of learning to share and take turns, learn to self regulate their emotions when they get upset. Another aspect of this is share the teachers attention. Learning to use words to express what the problem might be.

Develop gross motor skills with outside play. If the pre-school program is all day, there needs to be 2 recesses of free play of 30- 40min. Half day needs a recess time of 20–30min. The gross motor development works on the cognitive learning.

Home training from the parents before they even get to a preschool program. Teaching their child manners at the table, self help skills of toilet use, learning to respect others, respect the authority of the parents. Let the child know when they go to pre-school, a new adult will be in charge, the teacher, a director/ principal.

When young children have self – control and self discipline cognitive learning is ready to take place. Yes, they will have an upset and cry, they taught to self regulate learn to handle their issue in a positive way.

Let me keep it real simple for this one,

  • Education gives us the ability to differentiate between what is right and wrong, what is immoral and moral & what is just and unjust.
  • Education gives a person hope to solve the problems humanity faces today.
  • Education gives you the power to question anything wrong.
  • Education helps you learn the right way to execute yourself and behave positively.
  • Education helps you find the truth and it forces you to think in different aspects.
  • Proper education removes ill beliefs.
  • It makes you more aware and confident.


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